Food safety

In Australia, food businesses must comply with the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code to ensure that all food for sale is safe, suitable and correctly labelled.

In South Australia, food safety is a shared responsibility between SA Health, local government, food businesses, and other government agencies.

Complaints about food

Information about who to contact if you have a complaint about a food business.

Food allergies and intolerances

Information about food allergies and intolerances when buying food or eating out.

Food labels explained

Food labels have information about what is in the food we eat, to help consumers to make decisions about what to buy.

Keeping your food safe

Safe food is an important part of everybody's lifestyle. Sometimes, food can make us sick if we do not handle it correctly. Knowing how to keep your food safe can help you to reduce the risk of becoming sick.

Food legislation

The laws that ensure that food for sale is safe and suitable in South Australia, plus information about current consultations and relevant reports.

Food standards

Information to assist businesses and organisations to understand their responsibilities and how to provide safe food to customers.