Biomedical Engineering Services at Flinders Medical Centre

Flinders Biomedical Engineering (FBE) is a joint department of SA Biomedical Engineering (SA BME) and the College of Medicine and Public Health (CMPH), Flinders University.

FBE is committed to ensuring that biomedical technology needed by its clients is appropriate, available, safe, used effectively, functioning correctly and compliant with relevant laws, regulations and standards.

Flinders Biomedical Engineering provides consistent and appropriate management of biomedical technology through

  • Procurement and commissioning support
  • Technology pre-operational testing, commissioning and installation
  • Technology registration and auditing
  • Technology maintenance planning
  • Technical support to users of biomedical technology
  • Advisory on Australian Standards, regulations and legislation
  • Biomedical technology use and pre-use training
  • Technology hazard and recall management
  • Development of innovative biomedical technology to support research and clinical care

FBE and SABME in collaboration with their commercial partner, FBE Pty Ltd, are able to offer the following services 

  • Consultancy and training services both locally and internationally
  • Development of training courses in association with accredited bodies
  • Customised practical training
  • Development of hands-on vocational training
  • Work placement programs
  • Commercialisation of innovative biomedical technology
  • Instrument servicing and calibration

For further information please visit:

FBE has an established history both nationally and internationally in biomedical engineering.

Contact details

Location: Room 3E 124, Flinders Medical Centre
Telephone: (08) 8204 4061 
Fax: (08) 8204 5840
Email: or
Hours: Monday to Friday, 8.45am to 5.00pm

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