Centre for Disability Health

The Centre for Disability Health (CDH) is a statewide, non-crisis service which provides advice, assessment and consultation for adults with intellectual disability and complex needs. The service includes specialised general practitioner and psychiatry services, supported by specialised nursing staff.

CDH aims to support mainstream medical and other health professionals provide health care to persons with intellectual disability and complex needs through provision of specialised advice and assessment, training and education.

The service is located at Modbury Hospital, approximately 30 minutes north east of the Adelaide CBD, in a wheelchair accessible and quiet location.

Who do we see

People accepted to the service will be adults with intellectual disability and/or significant developmental disability who have heightened levels of complexity as a result of one or more of the following:

  • Mental illness or suspected mental illness
  • Autism spectrum disorder
  • Severe or profound communication and/or behavioural issues
  • Other co-morbidities
  • Other complexities or issues which have not been able to be managed in mainstream services.

Please note that CDH does NOT provide the following services:

  • emergency or crisis service

  • ongoing medical or psychiatric management

  • IQ assessments

  • case management

What do we do

CDH provides second opinion and/or comprehensive assessment and planning to support ongoing care in the community by existing services. Plans are developed in liaison with current service providers and carers, and short term follow-up is provided by CDH if required.

Individuals can be re-referred to the service if their medical or health needs change.

Services are generally provided at clinics based at the CDH site at Modbury Hospital. However, we can also provide telephone advice, home visits, telehealth and regional clinics based on patient need, staff availability and service demand.

How do you make a referral

The person’s GP or other medical specialist can make a referral addressed to either the CDH specialist GP or Psychiatrist via mail, fax, email or telephone. Self-referrals to the CDH specialist GP can also be accepted if the person does not have access to their own GP.

Referrals should address the above acceptance criteria and include a comprehensive medical history including discussion of investigations and current treatments.

New referrals will require completion of a detailed Pre-Appointment Questionnaire (PAQ) prior to the appointment. The PAQ is completed by the CDH Clinic Nurse who will contact the person’s family, carer, nominated support person and/or GP to obtain additional information as needed to complete this form.

Please contact CDH if you require more information about referral or acceptance criteria, or if you are seeking telephone advice from one of the clinicians.


Hours: Monday to Friday 8.30am – 4.30pm
Phone: 08 8397 8100
Fax: 08 8397 8199


Modbury Hospital
Level 2, Modbury Education Centre
Smart Road
Modbury, SA 5092

Parking is available in the visitor’s carpark at the front of the hospital. Follow the path around the west side of the main hospital building to access the Education Centre. Lifts are available to access Level 2.

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