Voluntary mental health patients rights

You are a voluntary patient if you have been admitted by your own choice to a treatment centre to receive treatment for your mental illness.

You will have access to a comprehensive range of treatments, which are based on the best available evidence about what is most effective for your mental illness. 

Treatment may include:

  • talk therapy
  • medication
  • other interventions

Treatment will be provided by trained health professionals such as:

  • doctors
  • nurses
  • occupational therapists
  • social workers
  • psychologists. 

These professionals will work with you to help you to get better. You can discuss your treatment at any time with the staff who are assisting you.

If your mental illness does not improve, your health is at risk and/or you are unable to remain a voluntary patient, you may be assessed for a Community Treatment Order – which would require specific treatment at regular intervals, or an Inpatient Treatment Order – which would require you to stay in a treatment centre for a period of time.

Statement of Rights brochure

You have rights as a voluntary patient and you can read about these in the following brochure, which is available in English along with fifteen other community languages.