Keeping your own chickens

When you have chickens at home it is important to make sure the chickens and eggs are handled hygienically because the chickens and eggs can be a source of food poisoning bacteria. Key safety tips for chicken keeping and handling their eggs:

  • wash hands after handling the chickens, eggs, feed and waste
  • keep nesting material clean and dry and replace regularly
  • don’t feed birds scraps that may be contaminated
  • collect eggs frequently, especially in warmer weather
  • don’t wash the eggs – slightly dirty uncracked eggs can be wiped with dry paper towel
  • store eggs in a clean container, separate to ready-to-eat foods

Further information

For further information see Excellent Eggs – Keeping chickens at home poster (PDF 731KB).

Food businesses such as child care centres that has or is looking into having chickens onsite, see the Onsite chickens food safety requirements web page for further information.