Safety and Quality reports

Each year the SA Health Safety and Quality Unit publish reports on patient safety and measuring consumer experience.

Measuring Consumer Experience Reports

SA Health is committed to ensuring that the experience of consumers using its services is as positive as possible. In order to achieve this goal a number of processes have been put in place to assist SA Health to measure and understand the consumer's experience. These include consumer feedback and complaints

In 2021, over 4,000 South Australians across the State were surveyed about their overnight stay in a city or country public hospital to find out more about their experience. We asked them about all aspects of their stay – from how they were treated, their involvement in decision-making, were they being listened to, were they kept informed and whether their care and treatment met their needs.

Asking patients to report on their experiences support efforts to place consumers at the focus of health care safety and quality improvements.

The Measuring Consumer Experience Report details the key findings of the consumer's experience to ensure that SA Health meets the best standard of care for our consumers.

2022 Measuring Consumer Experience Report

2021 Measuring Consumer Experience Report

2020 Measuring Consumer Experience Report

2019 Measuring Consumer Experience Report

2018 Measuring Consumer Experience Report

2017 Measuring Consumer Experience Report

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Patient Safety Reports

The 2022 Patient Safety Report (PDF 2.1MB) has been developed to provide an overview of some significant achievements in a number of safety and quality programs.


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