Health Licensing


The Health Care Act (2008) and associated Health Care Regulations (2008) grant powers to the relevant Minister for the provision of licences for private hospitals, day procedure centres and ambulances.  Within SA Health, the Health Licensing Unit in Quality Systems has responsibility for administering the relevant sections of this Act and Regulations.

Private Health Facilities Licensing

The legislation sets the requirements for licensing of private health facilities in South Australia, including prescribed standards to be observed by private hospitals and private day procedure centres in the provision of health services, the records to be kept and the powers of Inspectors.  For the purposes of private health facilities licensing, the Minister’s powers under the legislation have been delegated to the Deputy Chief Executive, SA Health.

SA Health adopts a risk management approach and works with the owners and managers of private health facilities to ensure that the appropriate standards are met.  Licences may be granted with conditions imposed.  The Deputy Chief Executive, SA Health, can also suspend or cancel a licence if there is serious non-compliance with an Act, Regulation or licence condition.

For more information about the private health facilities licensing process, including standards, application forms, fees, inspection processes and reporting requirements, please refer to the Private Health Facilities Licensing page.

Ambulance Licensing

The legislation sets the requirements for emergency and non-emergency ambulance services in South Australia.  The South Australian Ambulance Service (SAAS) is the only state-wide provider of emergency ambulance services, and is directly authorised under the Health Care Act (2008) to do so.  SAAS may exercise its powers within or outside the state of South Australia.  The Health Care Regulations 2008 also prescribe three organisations that can provide emergency and non-emergency ambulance services in South Australia without requiring a specific licence or exemption under the Health Care Act (2008).

The Health Care Act (2008) allows for other private organisations to apply for a restricted ambulance service licence to provide non-emergency services on an ongoing basis throughout South Australia.  An organisation with a restricted licence may be authorised by SAAS to perform emergency ambulance services in defined circumstances.  Ministerial exemptions can also be sought in certain circumstances.

As for private hospitals, restricted ambulance service licences may be granted with conditions attached.  Ambulance licences may also be granted on a temporary basis (up to 6 months), a limited term or for an indefinite period.  Contravention of licence conditions or failure to comply with a provision in the Act can result in suspension or revocation of the licence.

For more information about the ambulance licensing and exemption process, including requirements to be met, application forms, fees and inspection processes, please refer to the Ambulance Licensing page

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