COVID-19 Primary Care Update 30/05/2022

30 May 2022

Good morning,

Further information for free flu vaccine for all South Australians

Thank you to GPs for your feedback and support over the weekend with the announcement that from now until 30 June 2022, all South Australians (over 6 months of age) will have access to free influenza vaccine via a subsidy scheme for GPs and pharmacists.

Key points

  • Payments will not be retrospective for vaccines administered prior to 29 May 2022. From 29 May, private stock vaccines will be subsidised at $21.95 per dose administered.
  • SA Health is working through the process of invoicing for vaccines administered from the 29 May 2022 and will provide this tomorrow. Please keep a record of private stock administered, patient details and upload into AIR to enable verification. This can be maintained in your usual software.

Existing private (non-NIP) stock on hand that is administered on or before 30 June can be claimed for reimbursement in addition to any further stock purchased and administered before 30 June.

  • If patients have pre-paid for vaccines administered on or after 29 May, any potential reimbursement should be discussed between the provider and the patient.
  • MBS billing of item numbers should apply as per usual billing practices, there is no mandate to bulk-bill the appointment. However, it should be communicated to patients that the vaccine itself has been subsidised at $21.95 and is free, and if additional gap payments are applied, this should be articulated to patients at time of booking and administration.
  • SA Health is unable at this time to supply private stock but will work with distribution channels around supply chains.
  • If your practice does not stock private vaccines, please do not use NIP stock.
  • People without a Medicare card can also receive the vaccine for free.

We appreciate the ongoing critical work being done by primary care providers across South Australia and the key role that our GPs and pharmacists play in keeping our community safe with vaccination programs.

We know new announcements can cause significant disruption for your practices, so we appreciate your support in this public health initiative.

Please forward this update to any colleagues who may not have received it and contact us at to be added to our mailing list or with any other enquiries.

Dr Emily Kirkpatrick
Deputy Chief Public Health Officer Deputy Chief Medical Officer
Department for Health and Wellbeing