Perinatal Practice Guidelines

The South Australian Perinatal Practice Guidelines (SAPPG) outline the principles for managing pregnancy and newborn related conditions and/or performing a procedure related to pregnancy and/or the newborn.

The SAPPG are designed as a guide for the following clinicians:

  • obstetricians
  • general practitioners
  • trainee medical officers
  • registered midwives
  • pharmacists.

The SAPPG are intended for use throughout South Australia and govern only those aspects of pregnancy care that require medical authorisation. They provide clinicians state-wide access to a uniform process of clinical assessment, decision making and practice. Clinicians should use these guidelines within the context of offering individualised care for pregnant women and their babies.

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Abdominal pain and trauma in pregnancy (PDF 368KB)

Abdominal, vaginal and pelvic assessment (PDF 239KB)

Alloimmunisation (PDF 188KB)

Amniotic fluid embolism (PDF 237KB)

Anaemia in pregnancy (PDF 301KB)

Analgesia for Labour and Birth (Pharmacological) (PDF 687KB)

Anaphylaxis (maternal) (PDF 573KB)

Antepartum haemorrhage (APH) or bleeding in the second half of pregnancy (PDF 560KB)

Anti-D prophylaxis (PDF 225KB)

Antibiotics in the peripartum period (PDF 463KB)

Anxiety and depression in the perinatal period (PDF 733KB)

Assessing parent infant relationship (PDF 209KB)

Asthma in pregnancy (PDF 306KB)

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Balloon tamponade and uterine packing for major PPH (PDF 198KB)

Birth in water: First Stage Labour and Birth in Water Policy (PDF 738KB)

Birth options after caesarean section (PDF 145KB)

Bladder management for intrapartum and postnatal women (PDF 550KB)

Bleeding and pain in early pregnancy (Ectopic pregnancy, Miscarriage, PUL) (PDF 602KB)

Blood transfusion (PDF 237KB)

Blood transfusion - women who decline (PDF 404KB)


Breech presentation (PDF 220KB)

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Caesarean section (PDF 182KB)

Caesarean section: Standards for the management of Category 1 Caesarean Section in SA Policy (PDF 634KB)

Cardiac disease in pregnancy (PDF 472KB)

Cervical insufficiency and cerclage (PDF 459KB)

Cleft lip and palate in the neonatal period (PDF 320KB)

Collapse (maternal) (PDF 333KB)

Collection of Cord Blood in SA Public Health Services for the Purposes of Private Cord Blood Banking Clinical Guideline (PDF 213KB)

Concealed or denied pregnancy (PDF 214KB)

Cord presentation and prolapse (PDF 174KB)

Cystic fibrosis in pregnancy (PDF 239KB)

Cytomegalovirus in pregnancy (PDF 254KB)

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Decreased fetal movements (PDF 272KB)

Delays in the second stage of labour (PDF (341KB)

Depression and anxiety (Perinatal) (PDF 236KB)

Diabetes mellitus and gestational diabetes (PDF 689KB)

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Early onset neonatal sepsis (PDF 724KB)

Eating disorders and pregnancy (PDF 143KB)

Eclampsia (PDF 277KB)

Electrical and lightning injuries in pregnancy (PDF 294KB)

Epilepsy and pregnancy management (PDF 287KB)

Ergot derivatives: prophylaxis for third stage management and postpartum haemorrhage (PDF 219KB)

Expressed Breast Milk Safe Management and Administration in SA (PDF 386KB)

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Female genital mutilation (PDF 261KB)

Fetal acid base balance (PDF 306KB)

Fetal growth - accelerated (PDF 226KB)

Fetal growth - restricted (PDF 249KB)

Fetal movements - reduced/decreased (PDF 272KB)

Fetal surveillance (cardiotocography) (PDF 493KB)

First Stage Labour and Birth in Water Policy (PDF 738KB)

First trimester medical and surgical termination of pregnancy (PDF 519KB)

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Genital herpes simplex infection in pregnancy (PDF 490KB)

Genital haematomas (PDF 276KB)

Gestational diabetes and diabetes mellitus (PDF 439KB)

GP Obstetric Shared Care (PDF 1185KB)

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Hepatitis B in pregnancy (PDF 241KB)

Hepatitis C in pregnancy (PDF 236KB)

Hip screening and management (neonatal) (PDF 267KB)

Histopathology management of the placenta (PDF 616KB)

HIV in pregnancy (PDF 244KB)

Home birth: Planned birth at home in South Australia Policy (PDF 1MB)

Hyperemesis in pregnancy (PDF 223KB)

Hypertensive disorders in pregnancy (PDF 495KB)

Hypoxic ischaemic encephalopathy including neonatal hypothermic neuroprotection (PDF 688KB)

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Induction of labour techniques (PDF 742KB)

Infants of drug dependent women (PDF 296KB)

Intent to harm fetus (PDF 198KB)

Intravenous Phenytoin (PDF 192KB)

Investigation of stillbirths (SA Protocol) (PDF 197KB)

Iron infusion (PDF 191KB)

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Labour and birth in water: First Stage Labour and Birth in Water Policy (PDF 738KB)

Listeria in pregnancy (PDF 222KB)

Local anaesthetic toxicity (PDF 301KB)

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Magnesium sulphate for neuroprotection of the fetus in women at risk of preterm birth (PDF 224KB)

Malaria in pregnancy (PDF 218KB)

Management of cleft lip and palate in the neonatal period (PDF 320KB)

Management of the Release of a Placenta for Private Use (PDF 182KB)

Management of ultrasound soft markers of aneuploidy (PDF 1.4MB)

Management of women with a low PAPP-A and normal chromosomes (PDF 248KB)

Managing women in distress after a traumatic birth experience (PDF 150KB)

Massive blood transfusion (PDF 559KB)

Maternal anaphylaxis (PDF 161KB)

Maternal collapse (PDF 333KB)

Measles and measles contacts in pregnancy (PDF 435KB)

Medical induction for 2nd trimester TOP and miscarriages (PDF 242KB)

Medical management of late intrauterine fetal death (PDF 154KB)

Morbidly Adherent Placenta Management (PDF 301KB)


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Neonatal hip screening and management of developmental dysplasia of the hip (PDF 267KB)

Neonatal hypoglycaemia (PDF 876KB)

Neonatal jaundice (PDF 605KB)

Newborn Life Support algorithm (PDF 33KB)

Nifedipine for preterm labour (PDF 194KB)

Normal pregnancy, labour and puerperium management (PDF 352KB)

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Obese obstetric woman management in SA (PDF 1.4MB)

Obstetric cholestasis (PDF 240KB)

Operative vaginal deliveries (PDF 341KB)

Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (PDF 215KB)

Oxytocin (formerly Syntocinon®): augmentation and induction of labour infusion regimens (PDF 227KB)

Oxytocin (formerly Syntocinon ®) high dose regimen for IUFD (PDF 214KB)

Oxytocin (formerly Syntocinon ®): prophylaxis for the 3rd stage of labour and PPH management (PDF 242KB)

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PAPP-A: Management of women with a low PAPP-A and normal chromosomes (PDF 248KB)

Parent infant relationship (assessment of) (PDF 209KB)

Parvovirus (slapped cheek syndrome) in pregnancy (PDF 204KB)

Perinatal advice and emergency transport (PDF 212KB)

Perinatal care at the threshold of viability (PDF 831KB)

Perinatal emergency education strategy (PDF 1.3MB)

Perinatal loss (PDF 881KB)

Perineal care (PDF 243KB)

Perineal repair (PDF 242KB)

Personality disorders and pregnancy (PDF 201KB)

Planned home birth: Planned birth at home in South Australia Policy (PDF 1MB)

Planned home birth consumer brochures:

Post Dural Puncture Headache (PDF 334KB)

Postpartum haemorrhage (PDF 575KB)

Postpartum haemorrhage (secondary) (PDF 343KB)

Preeclampsia (PDF 495KB)

Prelabour rupture of the membranes (PROM) = 37 weeks (PDF 404KB)

Preconception advice (PDF 261KB)

Pregnancy policies in SA

Preterm labour (PDF 377KB)

Preterm prelabour rupture of the membranes (PDF 423KB)

Prolonged pregnancy (PDF 276KB)

Prostaglandin analogues for postpartum haemorrhage (PDF 197KB)

Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy (PUPPP) (PDF 186KB)

Psychosis in pregnancy and postpartum (PDF 231KB)

Psychotropic drug use in pregnancy and breastfeeding: A guide to guidelines (PDF KB)

Puerperal genital haematomas (PDF 276KB)

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Red cell allo-immunisation (PDF 188KB)

Rubella infection (maternal) in pregnancy (PDF 239KB)

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Secondary PPH (PDF 343KB)

Seizures in pregnancy (PDF 277KB)

Sepsis prevention (neonatal including group B streptococcal colonisation) (PDF 537KB)

Sepsis in pregnancy (PDF 413KB)

Sexual Abuse in Childhood. Pregnancy, birth and postnatal care (PDF 206KB)

Shoulder dystocia (PDF 348KB)

Standards for Maternal and Neonatal Services in South Australia 2015 (PDF 1.2MB)

Standards for the management of Category 1 Caesarean Section in SA Policy (PDF 634KB)

Standards for the Management of Termination of Pregnancy in South Australia (PDF 591KB)

Stillbirths (investigations SA Protocol) (PDF 197KB) 

Substance use in pregnancy (PDF 5.3MB)

Suicidal ideation and self harm (PDF 245KB)

Syphilis in pregnancy (PDF 580KB)

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Termination of Pregnancy in South Australia (Standards for the Management of) (PDF 591KB)

Third and fourth degree tear management (PDF 183KB)

Thrombophilia in pregnancy (PDF 258KB)

Thromboprophylaxis and thromboembolic disease in pregnancy (PDF 521KB)

Thyroid disorders in pregnancy (PDF 190KB)

Tocolysis for uterine hypercontractility (PDF 340KB)

Toxoplasmosis in pregnancy (PDF 254KB)

Traumatic birth - managing women in distress after a traumatic birth experience (PDF 235KB)

Tuberculosis in pregnancy (PDF 219KB)

Twin pregnancy (PDF 425KB)

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Ultrasound soft markers of aneuploidy (PDF 1.4MB)

Unstable lie of the fetus (PDF 145KB)

Urinary tract infections in pregnancy (PDF 693KB)

Uterine inversion (PDF 289KB)

Uterine rupture (PDF 163KB)

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Vaccines recommended in pregnancy (PDF 587KB)

Vaginal, abdominal and pelvic assessment (PDF 239KB)

Vaginal birth after caesarean section (PDF 215KB)

Varicella-zoster (chicken pox) in pregnancy (PDF 275KB)

Vasa praevia (PDF 560KB)

Vitamin D status in pregnancy (PDF 196KB)

Vitamin and mineral supplementation in pregnancy (PDF 229KB)

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Water birth policy (PDF 738KB)

Women who decline blood transfusion (PDF 404KB)

Women with a high body mass index (care of) (PDF 296KB)

Women with significant psychosocial needs (care of) (PDF 209KB)

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