Oral Health Promotion Practice Guidelines

SA Dental Service clinical staff are well placed to deliver effective oral health promotion activities that contribute to improving the oral health of their clients.

The Health Promotion Practice Guidelines (PDF 5MB) were developed to provide the tools, knowledge and support staff require to undertake effective oral health promotion.

The development of the guidelines was made possible through extensive reviewing of the evidence, mapping current practice and procedures and consultation with staff. They are being used to prioritise clinical directions at the local level and enable the development of a range of local structures, health promotion initiatives and resources.

The guidelines consist of a practical summary of clinical and community based promotion strategies that are effective and should be adopted, and what strategies are ineffective and should be avoided. The sections clearly outline what is possible in each of the target groups.

To support implementation of the guidelines, SA Dental staff have attended health promotion and motivational interviewing training. Professional development will be an ongoing project strategy.

Further information

For more information about the program please telephone (08) 8222 9013 or email us at

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