Combatting unethical behaviours across SA Health

Saturday 28 September

A new hotline is now operational for all staff across SA Health to help stamp out bullying and other unethical, disrespectful behaviours across the organisation.

SA Health’s Chief Executive, Dr Chris McGowan, said the new service will allow staff to confidentially raise concerns and complaints.

“Feeling safe, valued and respected in our work environment is crucial – not only for an effective workplace – but a happy and healthy one,” Dr McGowan said.

“Any behaviour that impacts on the mental or physical health of our staff, including intimidation, sexual harassment, intentional violence or workplace bullying, will not be tolerated.

“We are committed to ensuring our staff feel supported while at work, so they can continue to provide the very best care for all South Australians.

“The new SA Health Hotline is being managed by an external provider and they are operating as an independent and confidential avenue to allow for complaints concerning unethical and disrespectful behaviour from work colleagues, including bullying and harassment.”

The initiative is about providing ways for employees to report unacceptable workplace behaviour, in addition to existing processes.

A similar hotline was established specifically for Central Adelaide Local Health Network (CALHN) staff in November last year.

Dr McGowan said expanding the hotline across SA Health will give all staff the opportunity to raise their concerns in a confidential environment.

“Since its inception, there have been 148 calls made by staff within CALHN who have confidentially reported, in good faith, suspected misconduct or inappropriate behaviours to an independent organisation,” he said.

“Action has already been taken, where appropriate, to respond to those concerns within CALHN.

“All staff have the right to feel comfortable at work and we want to empower our clinicians and staff with the right tools so they can make the best decisions for themselves, and for their patients.”

More information on the new SA Health Hotline and how to make a report can be found here: