Useful links for statistics

The following sites publish useful state and national statistical data, grouped by topic

Health status

  • Self assessed health status - provides information obtained from population health surveys to inform policy, programs and health services.

Health priority areas

  • Cancer - data on cancer patterns in South Australia.

Safety and quality

Mental illness

  • National mental health outcomes - the Australian Mental Health Outcome and Classification Network (AMHOCN) is responsible for the ongoing development of mental health outcomes and case-mix information at a national level and provides a resource at a state and territory level.

Mothers and babies

  • Pregnancy outcomes - statewide monitoring of pregnancy characteristics and outcomes, obstetric problems and aspects of care during the period around childbirth, to identify the population groups most at risk so that preventive measures can be taken.
  • Birth defects - the South Australian Birth Defects Register collects information about children born in South Australia with a serious birth defect to detect whether the frequency is increasing.


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