Health education

To meet the changing health care needs of the South Australian community, a skilled, responsive and appropriately qualified health workforce is required, now and into the future.

Preparing graduates

In order to prepare graduates to deliver contemporary health services it is essential that the health and education sectors work closely together with the common goal of improving health clinical placements in South Australia.

Clinical placements

In late 2013, SA Health commissioned a review into the way clinical placements were managed to develop a consistent and robust framework for the management and governance of clinical placements across the organization. As a result of this framework SA Health implemented a state-wide approach to the management of clinical placements and education for all professions.

Clinical Placement Management System (CPMS) Placeright™

One of the initiatives was the implementation of a Clinical Placement Management System (CPMS) Placeright™ to improve clinical placement administration and management for all health professions.

The SA Health clinical placement coordination team Better Placed in conjunction with Local Health Networks, work closely together with education providers to facilitate the coordinated administration of placements.
The team is situated within the Office for Professional Leadership and has a number of functions including:

  • Administration of clinical placements across nursing, midwifery and allied health professions, this includes annual planning for the various professions 
  • Providing support and training for SA users of Placeright™. This includes face to face training and use of online modules for SA Health staff 
  • Coordinating a number of governance committees, meetings and workshops that are held throughout the year.

For further details select this link: Better Placed – Excellence in Health Education.

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