Epidemiology Branch

The Epidemiology Branch monitors, analyses, reports and makes recommendations on disease, illness, abnormality and injury and related risk-factor information in South Australia through:

  • central cancer registration and annual reporting of cancer epidemiology
  • liaison with, and support for, hospital-based cancer registries
  • information to clinicians on outcomes of cancer management
  • pregnancy outcome surveillance and reporting to clinicians
  • general epidemiological and biostatistical services to assist clinicians, policy makers and other health care workers analyse information and plan appropriate responses to health problems.

The Epidemiology Branch establishes priorities identified by epidemiological, demographic and social indicators for interventions aimed at preventing disease, illness and injury and for promoting health by expanding the clinical epidemiology initiative to involve all major health units.

Branch structure

  • SA Cancer Registry
  • Pregnancy Outcome Statistics Unit
  • Health Statistics Unit

Contact us

You can contact the Epidemiology Branch by:

Mail: PO Box 6 Rundle Mall Adelaide 5000
Phone: (08) 8226 6324
Fax: (08) 8226 6291

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