Department for Health and Wellbeing Strategic Direction

The Department for Health and Wellbeing Strategic Direction 2016 - 2018 (PDF 440KB) outlines the key role the Department plays in achieving our vision of leading, promoting and supporting health and wellbeing for South Australians.

The Strategic Direction brings together the many functions of the Department which includes setting policy and the framework for health and wellbeing issues; promoting quality and safety so every South Australian has confidence in the care they receive; working in collaboration with other parts of SA Health to achieve shared goals; and commissioning the health and wellbeing services our community needs. The Department also takes responsibility for the priorities posed by the government of the day and for promoting and providing good corporate governance and business practices within the Department and within agencies who work with our community.

The Strategic Direction was developed in partnership with a wide range of staff across the Department and encapsulates the broad priorities of SA Health to guide our work with Local Health Networks, SA Ambulance Service, Non-Government Organisations and the private sector.

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