Aboriginal Workforce and Cultural Learning frameworks

The SA Health Aboriginal Workforce Framework 2017-2022 (PDF 4MB) and SA Health Aboriginal Cultural Learning Framework (PDF 4MB) (the Frameworks) have been developed to support SA Health’s commitment to improving health outcomes for Aboriginal people in South Australia through increasing Aboriginal employment and strengthening the cultural competency of our workforce.

The Aboriginal Workforce Framework 2017-2022 provides a roadmap for SA Health to deliver initiatives to attract, retain and develop Aboriginal staff in clinical, non-clinical and leadership roles and to strengthen culturally respectful relationships. It identifies broad overarching directions for SA Health with implementation to occur in response to local needs.

Building and maintaining culturally respectful workplaces and services is critical and the overall aim of the Aboriginal Cultural Learning Framework is to support a tiered and consistent approach to cultural learning across SA Health.

Implementation of the Frameworks will support SA Health in meeting the requirements of the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards.

All Local Health Networks, SA Ambulance Service and the Department for Health and Wellbeing are committed to playing an integral part in delivering the key priorities identified in the Frameworks. Together, we can enhance the design and delivery of services to be more responsive to the needs of Aboriginal individuals, families and communities in South Australia.

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