Treatment options for eating disorders

The Statewide Eating Disorder Service (SEDS) can offer a treatment plan incorporating many options. We frequently work with other treatment providers like GPs and clinical psychologists to provide a comprehensive approach.

Some options provided by SEDS include:

Treatment planning

SEDS clinicians can work with a person to formulate their own treatment plan tailored to their needs and goals. This takes into consideration all aspects of the person's life, for example school and work commitments or other health issues.

Medical complication care

Sometimes a person may require treatment for medical complications related to their eating disorder. These complications can be life threatening and may require emergency assessment and treatment in hospital.

As a statewide service, SEDS can provide advice, support and liaison to all South Australian hospitals where a person presents with medical complications of an eating disorder.

Inpatient treatment

Currently, Flinders Medical Centre and Women's and Children's Hospital provide specialised inpatient psychiatric care for people needing intensive help recovering from an eating disorder.

Day Program

The SEDS Day Patient Program offers a 4 day per week group program (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday) for people over the age of 15 years.

The Day Program includes:

  • Therapeutic meal support and supervision
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Psychotherapeutic skills groups
  • Nutritional education and review
  • Ongoing recovery planning

Outpatient treatment

SEDS helps people of all ages living with eating disorders receive the care they need. We provide outpatient therapy for people who are 15 years and older. For younger people, we can provide referral to associated health services.

Eating disorder liaison, education and training for professionals

We can help you care for people with an eating disorder by providing advice, liaison and education for you and your team. We have a regular program of teaching and training opportunities. 

Research and Quality

SEDS patients and families can participate in research that contributes to quality improvement and international level research in eating disorder care. We are proud research foundation partners with Flinders University.

Support us to support you

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