Borderline Personality Disorder Resources

What is BPD?

This BPD fact sheet developed by people with a lived experience of BPD, provides an overview of signs and symptoms, strategies and treatments that can be helpful for people with BPD and those supporting them.


BPD SA has been developed by the Private Mental Health Consumer Carer Network (Australia) Limited. It is designed to provide a central point for information for consumers, carers, family members and health providers about borderline personality disorder and the support services including referral requirements, available in South Australia. It does not directly provide support services for people with BPD or their families, friends or carers but does provide links to information from other providers to help to navigate what is available in South Australia

Project Air

Project Air is the personality disorder strategy in New South Wales, which aims to support better services for people with personality disorders and their families and carers. It provides multiple resources which can be freely accessed online. These resources include personal accounts of lived experiences, treatment guidelines, fact sheets, self-paced e-learning modules, videos, publications and newsletters.

Useful Project Air fact sheets include:

  • What is Borderline Personality Disorder?
  • Guide to Borderline Personality Disorder?
  • What treatment is available to me?
  • Mental Health Support Services
  • Self-help factsheets
  • Understanding and responding to children’s feelings
  • Mindful parenting during child play time
  • Creating safety limits with children.

Spectrum Personality Disorder and Complex Trauma Service

Spectrum Personality Disorder Service is Victoria’s state-wide Centre of Clinical Excellence for Personality Disorders and Complex Trauma. It also offers online resources which can be accessed freely. These include a discussion regarding online forums, websites and recommended apps. There are also useful tips regarding strategies for coping with BPD and other relevant information for those in crisis as well as publications for purchase. The Spectrum website also advertises upcoming conferences and events.

Australian BPD Foundation

The Australian BPD Foundation offers resources for people with BPD including information on coping skills, videos, recommended apps, meetup online groups and links to BPD relevant websites. The Foundation’s National Training Strategy offers a range of educational opportunities including webinars, self-paced e-learning modules, a 2-day BPD Core Competencies workshop and a train-the-trainer program. The BPD Foundation website offers a breakdown of available resources on a state by state basis and information regarding upcoming events.

National Education Alliance for Borderline Personality Disorder (NEABPD) Australia

NEABPD Australia a subsidiary of the International NEABPD organisation is committed to raising awareness of BPD through providing access to a wealth of knowledge, resources and evidence based specialist family programs with the Australian community. NEABPD-Australia coordinates the Family Connections™ program for carers in Australia.  

Mental Health Professional Network

Mental Health Professional Network offers a webinar library regarding BPD which can be freely accessed online.

National Health and Medical Research Council

Clinical Practice Guidelines for the management of Borderline Personality Disorder (2012).