Reactivating the Repat news

4 Oct 2019 - Construction starts on Repat upgrade

The first significant demolition works have begun to start revitalising the Repat site, with the development of the Older Persons Mental Health Service commencing. 

The Southern Older Persons Community Mental Health team is operating from a temporary location on site while the first lot of construction works to refurbish and repurpose the C Block building delivers their permanent base. As a key initiative in implementing part of one of the recommendations of the Oakden report, the neurobehavioural unit is being built in the former Ward 18.

Further announcements will be made in the coming months.

21 May 2019 - Older Persons’ Mental Health Service relocates to Repat

The Older Persons Mental Health Service (OPMHS) Southern Community Team have moved to the Repat as part of the plan to co-locate the service with a dedicated specialised dementia village.

This community team works with about 130 consumers in Southern Adelaide who need short or long-term care to manage a mental illness and maximise their quality of life. By being on the site together with the planned dementia village, there will be opportunities for the team to provide specialised in-reach support to enhance the quality of care for these vulnerable consumers.

For more information or to make enquiries about the OPMHS Southern Community Team call 08 8374 5800.

27 Feb 2019 - State and Federal Government funding commitment announced

The State and Federal Government announced a $70 million funding agreement to revitalise the Repat Health Precinct, finalising stage 1 of the Master Plan. This funding ensures we are one step closer to reactivating and revitalising what will be a critical part of South Australia’s future health system.

17 Feb 2019 - Repat concept master plan released

The State Government has released the Concept Master Plan (PDF 2MB) for reactivating the Repat site.

In 2018, more than 1500 members of the community participated in the public and stakeholder engagement on the health and related services they would like to see on the site. The public’s feedback demonstrated the community’s strong view that the Repat site should be reactivated as a health precinct to take pressure off the health system and provide world-class services for South Australians.

11 Dec 2018 - New beds available at the Repat

20 new beds are now open at Repat RA on the Repat site. These beds are for long stay patients who are currently waiting up to six months in hospital for Commonwealth or community support. A further 20 beds will remain open within the VITA Precinct.

The 40 beds will provide a high quality and much needed service for long stay patients with complex needs, and is part of the State Government’s commitment to the reactivation of the Repat site.

The spirit of the Repat, with its hydrotherapy pool, gardens, peaceful surroundings and friendly access, will be both a great place for these patients, while also helping to alleviate pressure from the acute system.

28 May 2018 - Repat hydrotherapy pool re-opened

The Repat hydrotherapy pool is a valuable rehabilitation service for hundreds of residents in the southern suburbs. The Repat pool recently re-opened and is accessible to patients from services across the south and community groups with a focus on health and wellness.