Bedside computers

SA Health has partnered with Telstra to install and support approximately 3,500 bedside computers at the majority of bedsides in South Australian public hospitals to enable doctors, nurses, midwives and other health care professionals to use clinical applications and access patient information at patients’ bedsides.  

The implementation of bedside computers is part of SA Health’s major eHealth strategy to deliver an integrated statewide electronic health record by 2017 to assist clinical decision-making at the point of care, when and where it is needed.

The bedside computers will:

  • provide staff with new points of access to the statewide electronic health record, enabling health care professionals to spend more time communicating with patients about their treatment and overall wellness education at the bedside 
    improve access to medical and patient information when new clinical applications come online in 2013
  • improve patient safety by supporting the provision of safer, more effective and more responsive care to patients.
  • enable clinicians to show the patient relevant health information, X-rays and test results on-screen at the patient’s bedside
  • deliver enhanced levels of care by enabling medication administration and vital signs to be recorded electronically, therefore replacing bedside charts.


Bedside computers have now been installed and are fully operational for patient entertainment (available on a pre-paid basis) in 12 public hospitals: 

  • Flinders Medical Centre
  • Lyell McEwin Hospital
  • Modbury Hospital
  • Mount Gambier District Health Service
  • Noarlunga Health Service
  • Port Augusta Hospital
  • Port Pirie Hospital
  • Repatriation General Hospital
  • Royal Adelaide Hospital
  • The Queen Elizabeth Hospital
  • Whyalla Hospital and Health Service
  • Women's and Children's Hospital.

The bedside computers will provide staff with another access point to EPAS, at the point of care.

More information

For more information on the implementation of the computers please email or refer to: