Hospital @ Home Services at Flinders Medical Centre

Hospital @ Home is a dedicated nursing service based at Flinders Medical Centre (FMC) which provides acute nursing care and support to patients in their own home, including on their return home from hospital after an illness. This care is a substitute for treatment at the hospital, meaning people can return home sooner or avoid hospitalisation altogether.

Treatment may include: INR monitoring, wound management, medication administration and management, IV antibiotics, health education and stomal care.

Hospital @ Home is appropriate if:

  • ongoing acute care or treatment is required on leaving the hospital
  • patient lives within the FMC geographical area
  • the patient is referred to the service by the medical officer or the ward nurses involved in his/her hospital care, from the ward areas, emergency or outpatient departments

The Hospital @ Home nurses have access to care and treatment information which benefits patients by providing immediate access to test results and follow up treatment.


All referrals are made by telephone 0466024127.

Hours for referral: Seven days a week -  8.00am to 9.00pm

Information to be provided at time of referral:

  • Patient demographics:
    • Name
    • UR no
    • residential suburb
    • planned date of discharge

  • Treatment and care needs of the patient
  • Expected length of treatment

Referrer will be advised at the time of referral of patient eligibility for service and service capacity to provide care within required time frame.

Contact details

Advanced Nurse Unit Manager - Barbara Farrelly
Telephone: (08) 8404 2636 
Hours: Monday to Friday, 8.00am to 4.30pm

For patients currently receiving Hospital @ Home care:

  • the 24 hour contact number is in the H@H brochure provided
  • alternately; contact the FMC switchboard on (08) 8204 5511 and ask to be connected to the H@H mobile