The safe collection, treatment and disposal or reuse of wastewater is necessary to safeguard the health of the community and protect the environment. Wastewater is governed by the legislative base and technical information relating to wastewater systems in South Australia:

Disposing of wastewater onsite

Where connection to an SA Water Sewer or Community Wastewater Management Scheme is not practical, installation of an onsite wastewater system is generally required.  It will be necessary to carry out an investigation to determine the suitability of each site and provide the relevant authority with an application to gain the required installation approval.

Collection of wastewater for large developments and towns

Information on collection, treatment and disposal or reuse of recycled water for larger sites and the installation approval requirements for community wastewater management schemes.

Wastewater products

Information on wastewater products including approved wastewater products listings and product approval application requirements.


Information on greywater and installation requirements for permanent greywater systems.

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