Keeping lead levels low indoors in Port Pirie

In Port Pirie, lead is present in the air, soil and dust around us.

Where lead is present in the atmosphere, it finds its way into our homes.

Lead dust gets into our homes on shoes and clothes, on children’s toys, ceiling fans, air conditioner vents and filters and through windows and doors.

Simple measures like dusting with a damp cloth and removing outdoor shoes help to keep our homes cleaner and safer.

Simple Tips Around The Home

Home cleaning requires a few special but simple techniques. For example:

  • throw away the feather duster. It will only spread the dust, not pick it up
  • damp mop rather than sweep
  • close windows and doors on windy days
  • seal all cracks and cornices in your house
  • evaporative air cooling pads need to be wet before use.

Simple Tips In And Around The Kitchen

  • Dry dishes and put them away rather than leaving them to dry on a rack.
  • Wash all fruit and vegetables with tap water before using them.
  • Give young children small frequent meals and healthy snacks during the day.
  • Don’t drink or use rainwater for preparation of food and drinks or for cooking.
  • Start the day with a healthy breakfast. Milk and yoghurt are good sources of calcium and should be included as part of your breakfast.
  • Sit at the table or put baby in a high chair when eating.
  • Discard any food that falls on the floor.
  • Damp wipe kitchen surfaces and ensure all equipment is clean
    before preparing food and drinks.
  • Wash and dry your hands before preparing food/drinks, feeding children and eating or drinking.

Further Information

For further information on keeping lead levels low, contact the Environmental Health Centre or SA Health's Scientific Services on (08) 8226 7100. Additional information on reducing your exposure to lead is also available on the following pages: