With one third of our lives estimated to be spent at work, the potential impact of creating healthier workplaces and supporting worker’s health and wellbeing is significant. Safe and meaningful work is a positive contributor to the physical and mental health and wellbeing of all South Australians, including workers and their families. Creating safer and healthier workplaces is also good for businesses and the community, with impacts including increased productivity and reduced work related injuries and illnesses.

Preventive Health SA is working with the South Australian Collaborative Partnership to deliver the Healthy Workplaces Strategy Framework. Visit the Preventive Health SA website to find out more on how Preventive Health SA is collaborating, to adopt an integrated approach to workplace health and wellbeing across the state.

Visit the Healthy Workplaces SA website to find a range of tools and resources to support healthy, safe and thriving workplaces, including the Healthy Workplaces Toolkit and the Healthy Workplaces Service.