Nominations for the Office for Ageing Well Tackling Ageism Award will open on Monday 12 June and close on Wednesday 9 August 2023.

The annual award, part of the South Australian Community Achievement Awards, recognises an individual, community group, or organisation that understands the pervasive nature of ageism and is taking action to challenge it and better promote the value of older people and ageing well.

It is open to those who can demonstrate tangible actions to confront and overcome discrimination against older South Australians.

Office for Ageing Well has offered the Tackling Ageism Award for three years, with 22 nominations in 2022 and 2021 and 19 in 2020.

The Office for Ageing Well Tackling Ageism Award 2022 was presented to the Australian Refugee Association (ARA) for its Zimala Project that has supported more than 100 men aged 50 and over with Syrian, Afghani, Hazara, Pashtun, and African refugee and migrant backgrounds to stay active and engaged in the community through cultural and social experiences and support.

Ms Cassie Mason, Acting Executive Director of Office for Ageing Well, presented the 2022 Tackling Ageism Award to the ARA at the South Australian Community Achievement Awards on 2 December 2022.

Tackling Ageism is an Enabling Factor of South Australia’s Plan for Ageing Well 2020-2025.

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