Travel to and from South Australia - COVID-Safe travel tips

Before you travel

It is important you find out about the COVID-19 restrictions and conditions such as higher risk areas for the place you are travelling to. You should do this before booking or leaving your home.

You should not travel if you are unwell.

Please also be aware of the restrictions in place when you return to your state or territory of origin. For example, road border closure may restrict your ability to return.

As the situation can change rapidly you should check the latest advice as you get closer to your intended travel date.

Interstate travel restrictions

States and territories can apply their own travel restrictions, including:

  • Closing state borders and restricting travel into and out of their state.
  • Restricting travel into and out of areas within their state.
  • Requiring people who have travelled to and from some areas to quarantine for 14 days.

In some states and territories, you may have to pay a contribution to the cost of quarantine.

State and territory governments may grant exemptions to travel restrictions for travellers in some special cases. This could be for medical, compassionate or other reasons.

Read more about state or territory travel restrictions and exemptions on their websites:

COVID-19 higher risk areas

Travel to areas of higher risk for COVID-19 should be avoided. Check the following state government websites for higher risk areas before you travel:

  • Australian Capital Territory
  • New South Wales
  • Northern Territory
  • Queensland
  • South Australia
  • Tasmania 
  • Victoria
  • Western Australia 
  • Travel to South Australia

    Statement from the Chief Public Health Officer – State of Origin Game, Adelaide Oval, 4 November 2020

    We strongly discourage anyone from COVID-19 affected areas from travelling to South Australia.  

    If you are travelling to South Australia from within Australia it is important that you are up to date with the latest travel advice and Public Health Directions in SA.

    All travellers wishing to enter South Australia, must complete a Cross Border Travel Registration with SA Police.

    Essential traveller health exemption

    If you are travelling to South Australia from Victoria and you are seeking essential traveller status for:

    • urgent medical, dental or health treatment
    • compassionate grounds
    • providing health services

    You will require written approval from SA Health before submitting a Cross Border Travel Registration.

    Find out more and apply on the Essential traveller health exemption web page.

    Overseas travel

    Information on overseas travel restrictions that apply in South Australia can be found on the overseas travel restrictions page. Topics include information on:

    • Restrictions that apply to people arriving from overseas.
    • Travelling overseas from Australia.

    COVID-Safe travel tips

    • If travelling by air, wear a face mask the whole flight.
    • Wash/sanitise your hands regularly, cover coughs and sneezes.
    • Maintain physical distancing wherever possible.
    • If you develop COVID-19 symptoms while interstate, get tested straight away.
    • Check the government COVID-19 travel restrictions website of the state or territory you are visiting for regular updates.
    • Don't forget to complete a SA Police cross border travel form for your return to SA.

    Download the COVID Safe Travel Tips infographic (JPG 1MB).