Resources for Aboriginal Communities during COVID-19

What is coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus and Good Hygiene

Cleaning and coronavirus

Social distancing / physical distancing protects our Mob

Protect our Elders, Protect our culture

COVID-19 Vaccine - Stay Strong. Get vaccinated

COVID-19 vaccine frequently asked questions (FAQs) for Aboriginal people in South Australia

Protect yourself and your Mob. Get a flu shot

Health checks and medications

What is isolation? What is quarantine?

How does contract tracing work?

Tips for working from home

Funerals and sorry business

Tips to stay positive

Coronavirus and schools

Tips for shopping

Need to talk? You are not alone

What is a designated area?

The rules for Aboriginal communities

Child care arrangements

How do I shop for food in a designated area community?

Looking after your health in a designated area community

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