Home dialysis electricity concession, how to refer your patient

SA Health has announced a new electricity concession for patients with kidney disease that receive dialysis treatment at home.

Since 1 January 2012 patients have received $165 annually to contribute to the running cost of dialysis equipment at home.

The concession is part of SA Health’s commitment under the SA Health Care Plan 2010-2017 to ensure patients throughout South Australia have the opportunity access health care, where and when they need it.

Eligibility for Concession

Any person undergoing dialysis treatment at home is eligible provided that the concession has been approved by a SA Health practitioner.

Application process

Applications for the concession can only be made through SA Health renal units.

To apply the patient is required to fill out a Dialysis Concession Application form (DOC 340KB) and a Vendor Creation/Amendment form (PDF 88KB).

Health sites will be required to have hard copies of the forms available for eligible patients to complete on request.

The Dialysis Concession Application form must be signed and approved by a SA Health practitioner to verify the patient receives such treatment at home.

Administration process

Renal unit staff are required to process the application forms and forward to Shared Services in accordance with health sites' normal delegation and accounts payable processes by the first Friday in March each year. This will facilitate payment of the concession to patients in April and May each year.

For further information please refer to the Home dialysis electricity concession guideline (PDF 193KB).