Education and Training

The culture of learning is central to SA Health as quality outcomes in patient care stem from a skilled and knowledgeable workforce.

Education and training are a cornerstone of SA Health’s commitment to providing high quality innovative healthcare to all South Australians. To find out more, read Medical Education and Training Principles – Our Strategic Priority (PDF 757KB) and visit the SA MET website for accredited professional development resources, including upcoming workshops.

SA Health also provides training opportunities for private South Australian healthcare professionals.

Education and Training Options 


The South Australian Medical Education and Training (SA MET) Health Advisory Council is an unincorporated council established by, and reporting to, the Minister for Health and Wellbeing in South Australia. Its role is to improve the quality of education, training and welfare for junior doctors within South Australia and make recommendations for the accreditation of prevocational training positions in health services.  This Advisory Council is supported by the SA Medical Education and Training Unit which provides a broad range of functions that include:

  • Providing leadership in postgraduate medical education and training in South Australia
  • Working with vocational training colleges to achieve high quality vocational training
  • Promoting and actively encouraging innovation in postgraduate medical training
  • Developing linkages and agreements with accreditation agencies and education providers
  • Establishing, maintaining and promoting partnerships with relevant national and jurisdictional organisations
  • Contributing to a national core competency set for pre-vocational training and undertakes research in relation to education and training pathways, assessment and the needs of international graduates
  • Receiving feedback from trainee medical officers about relevant safety and quality matters and advocates to health services about postgraduate training, health and welfare issues.


Feedback on all aspects of SA Health’s medical education and training should be directed to

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