Nursing and midwifery education, learning and development

Education, learning and development is integral to the practice of nurses and midwives and supports the professions within a contemporary, evidence based and patient centred framework.

Education, learning and development supports and enhances the nursing and midwifery workforces’ capability and capacity to respond to new and emerging models of care and sustains and prepares the workforce now and for the future.

Working with Wisdom

SA Health has made a substantial investment to grow and enable South Australia’s future nursing and midwifery workforce by doubling the number of nursing and midwifery graduates in 2023.

The Working with Wisdom Clinical Practice Mentor role has been introduced to complement the existing transition to professional practice program to better support the capability and growth of Australia’s graduate nursing and midwifery workforce.

Support and development and opportunities

There are a number of support and development opportunities for students, novice and experienced nurses and midwives including: