Assisted reproductive treatment providers


Under the Assisted Reproductive Treatment Act 1988, in order to provide assisted reproductive treatment (ART), a person or company must be registered by the Minister for Health and Ageing. Failure to be registered attracts a maximum penalty of $120,000.

Registration provisions include:

  • eligibility for registration
  • mandatory conditions for registered ART providers/clinics
  • suspension or cancellation of registration
  • removal from the Register
  • reinstatement on the Register
  • appeal process.

The ART Registration Application form (PDF 115KB) can be downloaded. The form needs to be completed and signed by the applicant/s, including directors/authorised officers and key personnel.

For more information on how to seek approval to provide intracervical insemination (ICI) from the Minister for Health and Ageing email the Policy and Legislation Unit.


To be eligible for registration in South Australia, a person must meet specific requirements under the Act and the Regulations. An applicant (including directors/ authorised officers and key personnel) must satisfy the Minister that they are:

Under the ART Act, the Minister may vary or cancel an approval to provide assisted insemination.

For more information about assisted insemination see the Assisted insemination, the law and you fact sheet (PDF 96KB) or go to the Assisted insemination web page.


The ART Act provides for an exemption to registration for an approved medical practitioner to provide assisted insemination, for example intracervical insemination.

If a medical practitioner wishes to provide assisted insemination, they will need to seek approval from the Minister for Health and Ageing to do so.

Specific conditions

The Minister for Health and Ageing can place specific conditions on the medical practitioner’s approval to provide assisted insemination, such as compliance with the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Ethical Guidelines.

Further information

Further information is available on the following: 

Discuss your application

To discuss your application please contact:

Principal Policy Officer (ART)
Policy and Legislation
SA Health
PO Box 287 Rundle Mall
South Australia 5000


Telephone: (08) 8226 6717