South Australia’s Donor Conception Register Consultation Draft Amendment Bill 2022

Consultation is closed on the draft Assisted Reproductive Treatment (Posthumous Use of Material and Donor Conception Register) Amendment Bill 2022.

Following community consultation, the Amendment Bill has been introduced to Parliament.

People who were conceived by donor-conception before 2004 face significant barriers to accessing information about their genetic heritage.

These proposed changes will allow eligible people to:

  • access historical and current information about genetic parents, donor-conceived siblings or a person born as a result of donation
  • access medical and genetic information that can be shared with genetic relatives
    include donor information on birth certificates.

The amendment will also allow the use of a woman’s eggs where consent was given prior to death.

Donors, donor-conceived people aged 18 years and over, or parents to a donor-conceived child will be able to list their contact preferences.

Support and counselling service will be available to support those involved in donations made under the condition of anonymity before September 2004.