Strategy to Safeguard the Rights of Older South Australians 2014-2021

Knowing Your Rights – A Guide to the Rights of Older South Australians

The Knowing Your Rights – A Guide to the Rights of Older South Australians (PDF 1MB) publication was launched by the Minister for Ageing on 27 April 2016. It aims to help older people of any age increase their understanding of their rights, especially at different times in their lives, and to recognise the laws that provide safeguards and protection.

Recognising the importance of being informed and staying connected, the publication features advice and information on housing, services, consumer and employment rights, financial matters, family and health, legal rights, security and safety and volunteering, enabling older people to safeguard their rights and remain in control at important stages in their lives.

You can download the publication (above), request a free copy from Legal Services Commission by phoning 1300 366 424, or request a free copy by emailing Office for Ageing Well on


The Strategy to Safeguard the Rights of Older South Australians 2014-2021 (PDF 2MB) aims to raise community awareness of the rights of older people, and how these rights can be safeguarded to prevent elder abuse.

Underpinning the strategy, the South Australian Charter of the Rights and Freedoms of Older People, identifies that rights shared by all citizens, should not change nor diminish with age. It also promotes a shared responsibility in enabling older people to live their lives free from harm and exploitation in their relationships with others. Featured in the strategy is information to help recognise risk factors for elder abuse and the signs; and how then the community can take the appropriate action to stop elder abuse.

Action Plan

The Strategy to Safeguard the Rights of Older South Australians, Action Plan 2015-2021 (PDF 784KB) was launched June 2015.

The action provides information for the community to gain a clear understanding of the rights of older people, what elder abuse is and how it can be prevented.

The action plan is guided by three themes:

  • Older South Australians live safely with their individual rights respected and upheld
  • Older South Australians have access to information, support and/or services which increase their resilience and wellbeing
  • Our community’s strength and diversity is responded to in a positive way.

The action plan was developed by Office for Ageing Well (formerly Office for the Ageing) in collaboration with other state departments, non-government organisations, South Australian universities, relevant peak bodies and the Australian Government. The projects outlined in the action plan are being delivered by Office for Ageing Well and these key partners.

The strategy and action plan are supported by Prosperity Through Longevity: South Australia’s Ageing Plan 2014-2019, Our Action Plan and responds to the plan’s priority one, ‘Health, wellbeing and security.’

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