Privacy principles and protecting personal information

SA Health collects health information to enable appropriate care and treatment.

We take the protection of consumers' personal and health information seriously.

We ensure that all personal information held by us is secure and protected from unauthorised access, disclosure, or misuse. We ensure that information required to support health care provision is accessible to authorised users.

All SA Health staff have a legal obligation to protect consumers' personal information and it is an offence to disclose information unless authorised under legislation.

All SA Health staff must comply with the confidentiality provisions of the Health Care Act 2008, Mental Health Act 2009, and the South Australian Public Health Act 2011, the South Australian Government’s Cabinet Circular PC012 Information Privacy Principles (PDF 154KB), and the SA Health Privacy Policy (PDF 316KB) for the collection, access, use, disclosure and storage of personal information.

Privacy complaints

Complaints or feedback about privacy breaches relating to individual care should be directed to the relevant Local Health Network, SA Ambulance Service, or health site in the first instance.

Contact details are at Feedback and complaints | SA Health.

The Health and Community Services Complaints Commissioner helps people resolve complaints about health and community services when a direct approach to the service provider is either unsatisfactory or has not succeeded. Further information is available on the HCSCC website.