Mental Health Care

Mental Health data is collected from all hospitals and agencies that provide Mental Health services to the community.

Mental health services are provided in specialised mental health hospitals and facilities, within designated wards in general hospitals, and also in the community through visits and outpatient services.

Mental health information is broken down by age group and is specifically identified as services provided to children and adolescents, older people, and the rest of the adult population.

South Australia also provides annual information to the Commonwealth where the nation’s information is collated and compared to ensure the best mental health care possible for all people needing mental health care.

The Community Mental Health Care NMDS includes data on client contacts with government-operated specialised community mental health care services and hospital-based ambulatory care services, such as outpatient and day clinics.

The Residential Mental Health Care NMDS includes data on client episodes in government-operated residential mental health care services

Definitions that are used in the data presented are from the National Health Data Dictionary.

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