Food legislation

The laws surrounding the sale of food in South Australia ensure food for sale is safe and gives consumers necessary and accurate information. These laws consist of the following pieces of legislation.

Food Act 2001

The objects of the South Australian Food Act 2001 are to:

  • ensure food for sale is both safe and suitable for human consumption
  • prevent misleading conduct in connection with the sale of food
  • provide for the application in South Australia of the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.

The Food Act sets out provisions regarding the monitoring and enforcement of food sold in South Australia. This includes regulation of the advertising and labelling of food and specific auditing and reporting requirements for some food businesses.

The Act requires annual reporting regarding food regulation activities. 

Food Regulations 2017

The Food Regulations 2017 under the Food Act 2001 legally adopt the provisions of the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code to ensure that the same composition and labelling laws apply to food sold in South Australia as well as nationally.

The Regulations also set out other specific requirements for South Australia including notification of food businesses and kilojoule labelling in fast food restaurants.

Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code

The Australia New Zealand food standards system is a cooperative arrangement between all Australian States and Territories and New Zealand to develop and implement uniform food standards.

All food sold in Australia and New Zealand must comply with the requirements of the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code (the Code). The Code is a collection of individual Standards that set out the compositional, labelling and manufacturing requirements of food. These Standards have force of law.

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) develops Standards in the Code but responsibility for enforcing these Standards lies with the States and Territories. In relation to imported food, the Commonwealth enforces the Code.