Prosperity Through Longevity: South Australia’s Ageing Plan

Our Vision 2014-2019

The new ageing vision for South Australia has been launched – Prosperity Through Longevity: South Australian's Ageing Plan, Our Vision 2014-2019 (PDF 8569KB).

Prosperity Through Longevity is presented in two parts: a vision and an action plan for the next five years. The action plan features new, innovative activities, initiatives and projects to support the vision priorities.


The state government's vision is to bring the community together to create an all-ages-friendly state. To ensure South Australians have a fulfilling, active and enjoyable life at every stage, gaining the maximum benefit from longevity linking personal wellbeing with social and economic productivity.

The new ageing vision aims to change the way South Australians think about growing older. It celebrates our state's unique demographics and acknowledges the triumph of multiple generations now having the opportunity to grow older together and enrich each other's lives through intergenerational learning.


Priorities of the vision:

  • health, wellbeing and security
  • social and economic productivity
  • all-ages-friendly communities

Action Plan

To be successful, every positive vision needs the right actions. Consultation with more than 3,500 South Australians over fifty years has shaped both the ageing vision and Prosperity Through Longevity: South Australian's Ageing Plan 2014-2019, Our Action Plan (PDF 962KB). The action plan focusses on the areas considered most important by seniors.

The action plan provides a snapshot of some of the key, innovative work towards creating an all-ages-friendly community. It also features some inspiring, real-life examples of people working to make our state a better place.

Further information

For further information about the new ageing plan, please contact Office for the Ageing:

(08) 8204 2420