NALHN Strategic Plan 2020-25

On behalf of our Board and Executive Team, we are proud to release the Northern Adelaide Local Health Network (NALHN) Strategic Plan 2020-25 (PDF 4MB) and accompanying Consumer and Community Engagement Strategy 2020-25 (PDF 3MB).

The NALHN Strategic Plan serves as a guide to what we need to achieve over the coming five years, to provide the best possible health and wellbeing services to our growing community. It sets out our vision, our values and outlines six ‘strategic imperatives’ that we will use to measure our success:

  1. Inclusive culture
  2. Service design
  3. Digitally smart
  4. Sustainability
  5. Exceptional people
  6. Partnering

The accompanying NALHN Consumer and Community Engagement Strategy outlines our commitment to building stronger relationships with consumers and the community through working in partnership.

We will support consumers and the community to provide feedback, offer new ideas and become part of our decision-making.

See a video message from our Chair of the Board, Ray Blight and CEO, Maree Geraghty.

You can view our strategies in full or as a summary:

We would like to acknowledge our staff, partners, consumers and many members of our community who have contributed to the future direction of our northern health services and look forward to working together on the exciting opportunities ahead of us.

Now that we have our ‘plan’ in place, we will get to work on achieving our vision – that our community has the best possible health and wellbeing throughout their life.