Ageing Well in South Australia

Towards a New State Plan

Office for Ageing Well takes a lead on state government policy that supports South Australians to age well. The Vision for Ageing Well report (PDF 2 MB) is the second report (after the Future Directions for Ageing Well report) from The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI) following a statewide engagement with stakeholders and older people.   These reports will inform the vision, strategic priorities and actions of the new Plan for Ageing Well in South Australia 2020 - 2025.

Statewide Conversations with Older South Australians

In 2018 more than 1,500 older people from around the state participated in the Statewide Conversations with Older South Australians to share their views about what matters most to them to age well. Key themes to emerge included ensuring that people have better options for staying in their homes and communities as they age, and the importance of making and maintaining meaningful social connections, and navigating change. From this work, The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI) produced the Future Directions to Support Ageing Well report (PDF 2MB)

The report findings formed the foundation of the 2019 Statewide Conversations with Stakeholders which engaged with 30 South Australian thought leaders and more than 130 representatives of government and non-government partners, community organisations and older people. To test the vision and progress the work, a Stakeholder Response Kit and Public Survey were distributed. Thirty-two response kits were returned, and 439 survey responses received. From this, TACSI produced the Vision for Ageing Well report (PDF 2 MB) which identifies home, meaningful connections and navigating change as strategic priorities, with tackling ageism, growing diversity and increasing accessibility as enabling factors.

The two reports will inform the new Plan for Ageing Well in South Australia 2020-2025, setting South Australia’s ageing agenda for the next five years.

Theory of Change

Office for Ageing Well through the state ageing plan and associated policies and projects will contribute to South Australians living a good life in their later years, in communities that value older people and the opportunities of an ageing population.

  • People building resilience and resources to live well through the many stages of ageing.
  • People leading the development and implementation of diverse options for living a good life in their later years.
  • Communities self-organising to shape good living in our later years alongside older people.
  • Our systems spreading a view of ageing that is diverse, busts myths and enables planning for transitions in ageing.
  • Our systems building resilience in individuals and communities for good living in our later years.